Uzaylı Kaçırma: Bu oluyor mu?

Uzaylılar tarafından kaçırıldınız mı? Emin misiniz? Gerçek uzaylılar tarafından gerçekten kaçırıldığını bildiren birçok insan var, ama bu tam olarak ne anlama geliyor? Bunun sana olup olmadığını nasıl anlarsın? Bir uzaylı kaçırma, bir kişinin dünya dışı bir varlık tarafından kaçırılmasına ilişkin rapor olarak tanımlanır. Pek çok insan onu uyku felci olarak erteliyor ve bunun hakkında bir terapiste giderseniz, sizi bunun ne olduğuna ikna edecekler. Kabul edildi, çoğu insan için bu doğru, sadece uyku felci - ama ya gerçekten çok daha fazlaysa? Gerçek müşterilerimin kaçırıldıklarında bildirdikleri şeylerin tüm ayrıntılarını bir araya getirdim ve bu yazıda sizin yasal olarak uzaylılar tarafından kaçırıldığınızı bildiren en yaygın işaretlerin üzerinden geçeceğim.

One thing to know before reading the signs that you've been abducted is that your personal beliefs have nothing to do with it at all. It doesn't matter if you are Christian, Wiccan, Athiest or what, 'they' don't care what you believe in. Abductions have been known to plague certain blood types, certain family lines, or just seemingly random people altogether. Most people have to utilize hypnotic regression to recall the events of an abduction, but that isn't always the case. Sometimes it can be spontaneously recalled, or in rarer situations, you were vividly awake during the whole event, and never forgot it. You see, extra-terrestrials have billions of years on us when it comes to technology. They can do things you will never be able to comprehend. You'd be surprised at how much of this technology the Government already knows about, just keeps it in secret. Anyhow, 'they' have ways of masking our memories, cloaking them to the point that sometimes, it will be literally impossible for you to ever recall what happened. So here are the signs you are being abducted, and if they apply to you, then odds are you most likely are being abducted.

Kaçırıldığınızın ilk işareti gerçek zaman kaybediyorsun. There are hours, or maybe even days that you just cannot seem to remember for the life of you. You are very much aware that the time is gone, but where did it go? (Doesn't apply to alcohol blackouts). I have one client who I will call Ted for privacy, who noticed that he would wake up around 5am, before it was light outside, on his front porch. He never remembered how he got there. All he remembered was going to bed, and he wasn't a known sleep walker. His wife would never remember him leaving the bed either. They set a camcorder each night. It just chose to go complete static around the times he would 'get up out of bed'. Alien abduction?

Kaçırıldığınızın ikinci işareti: vücudunda garip izler. Bunların genellikle sırtınızda, ayak bileklerinizde, bileklerinizde veya dizlerinizde küçük lazer izleri gibi göründüğü bildirilir. Bu en yaygın işaretlerden biri, ben bile bu izlere sahiptim. Pek çok insan bu tuhaf işaretlerle uyandıklarını bildirdi, bazen üç nokta olarak rapor edildi, sanki lazer veya radyasyon izleri gibi. Aşağıya bir resim ekledim. Vücudunuzda bu izleri buluyorsanız ve bunları hayatınız boyunca açıklayamıyorsanız, uzaylı kaçırma yaşıyor olabilirsiniz.

Kaçırıldığınızın üçüncü işareti, gece garip uğultu. You may know what I am talking about. It has been reported worldwide, but only a select few can hear it. I hear it all the time, and my husband (who has been abducted since he was small) hears it too. One of the first things my husband told me about him after we were married was about how he used to experience horrible sleep paralysis, except it didn't stop there. He would remember being lifted up and going right through the window, except he literally went 'through' the window, it didn't break, he floated right to the other side as if it wasn't there. He remembers this metallic static and humming in the air that would always happen first. If you are hearing this, you may in fact be experiencing alien abduction.

Kaçırıldığının dördüncü işareti sadece izlenme ürpertici hissi. Out of all the feelings in the world, this one is the creepiest in my opinion, because you feel someone there, but you can't see them! There is a sense of violation that comes with it. One of my clients Martina came to me about this feeling she was having for months and months. She had never experienced it before that, it was the feeling of being intensely watched. It made her so uncomfortable that she bought a weapon to keep with her at night. When she started reporting all these other signs too, I knew what it was. She was experiencing abduction, and if you have this feeling of being watched at night, it may be happening to you too.

Kaçırıldığınızın beşinci işareti evinizin etrafında baykuşlar görmek. Baykuşlar her zaman dünya dışı canlılarla ilişkilendirilmiştir çünkü bu gezegendeki diğer hayvan türlerinden sadece farklıdırlar. Ruhunuzun derinliklerine bakan o enerjiye sahipler. Filmin ne zaman olduğunu hatırlıyorum The Fourth Kind came out. While I was watching it on the third story of the apartment I had at the time, there was literally a white owl out on the balcony looking in the glass double doors. It scared the hell out of me. If you have owls around at night, especially in areas of the world they aren't usually seen, abduction is probably happening. I have included the trailer for The Fourth Kind below. Truly the most legit movie about true abductions you will ever see. It's based on documented facts.

The last sign I want to talk about today that signifies you are experiencing true alien abductions are not feeling welcome in your own body. It sounds strange, but those of you who are going through it will know what I am talking about. Yes, you know it's your body, but you just don't feel comfortable in it anymore. It's a feeling of being violated, but you don't have a reason that you recall which would cause this feeling. You don't know what it is, all you know is you want to just crawl right out of your body, it just doesn't feel right. This is a common sign in abductions, and the reason you feel this way is because of what was done to you while you were 'away'. You most likely were violated, humiliated, scared beyond belief, and your mind is in shock. It doesn't feel welcome in that body now. So if this is happening to you, you very well likely are being abducted.

There are many more signs of abductions. To be honest, each person experiences it a little differently. These are the signs that most have in common. If you are experiencing most, or all of these signs, you probably are being abducted, and I know how intimidating that can sound. Millions of people from around the world report having some sort of alien experience every single year, and that number is growing all the time. We are waking up to just how deep the rabbit hole goes. There are countless entities which we are not even aware of, even ones living right along side us, and it's our responsibility to share our experiences, as to help aide in waking up the masses. It's called disclosure, and some say it's already happened. Others say we are still waiting for it. In the end, what you believe is yours to decide. There are others like you, which is why I created the new Forum Bu platformdaki bölüm. Böylece tuhaf şeyler yaşayan insanlar sosyalleşebilir ve deneyimlerini paylaşabilir.

So, are you being abducted, or do you have other signs I missed? Let others know about it in the comments, and be sure to share this article with your friends and family - maybe they've been abducted too and just don't know it.

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