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We all have had countless past lifetimes, and we’ll continue to live on past this life to have many more. We don’t have spirits. We are spirits and we all have been affected or imprinted on by our past lifetimes in some way. Whether it’s constant deja vu, whether it’s bad things that just keep happening and there is something bigger than just coincidence going on. It happens to all of us. Some people are born without that veil that keeps us from remembering past lifetimes. I have a very well known friend named Matias De Stefano that is one of these people and some of the things he remembers are mind blowing.

In this article today I wanted to go over various signs that you are in fact being affected by your past lifetime. Keep in mind there are many more signs yet these five are the biggest signs and the fact is being affected by a past lifetime isn’t always a bad thing. In many ways it can be a good thing. They often say that people who had uplifting and respectful past lifetimes will have a much easier life in this go around whereas people who had evil past lifetimes end up having to really struggle more in this one. It all depends on who you talk to as we all have different opinions yet this article is based on not only my one personal experience as a career psychic, but also based on the lives and experiences of my many clients.

The first sign that you are being affected by your past lifetimes are recurring dreams of a specific event. A lot of times when you keep dreaming of the same event night after night, it’s your spirits way of bringing a traumatic or troubling event to a conclusion. It isn’t always a troubling event though - just an important or impactful one good or bad. Something left unfinished and now your spirit is trying to bring that to and end. The purpose is to make meaning of it so that the issue can be let go of and you can move on from it. If we simply can’t seem to make meaning of it, then the situation will keep repeating itself over and over until we do make meaning of it. Dreams are where we bring up what is in the subconscious, and they can provide us great clues about ourselves, our behaviors and personalities - even if they were created in a past lifetime.

The second sign that you’re being affected by your past life are repeating patterns. If you have any issue or situation that keeps happening in this lifetime, such as you keep attracting a specific type of person into your life, then it can be a clue that there is a particular belief you have about that person - or the relationship that keeps you stuck in that pattern. It’s even possible you were actually that specific type of person that you have been attracting back in your previous life, and the fact you are attracting them now to you is a way for you to experience what you’ve done in the past - it’s a way of learning and growing from it.

The third sign is the feeling you’ve known someone your whole life when in reality you haven’t. Many of us have had this experience in our life, when you meet someone for the first time and you feel like you’ve already known them. This can be with a significant other, with friendships, with colleagues - anywhere in life you come across people. You just can’t quite work it out. Have you met them before and just don’t remember? It is highly likely you were in each other’s lives before this one and it’s probably not the last lifetime you’ll come together either. We can play different roles each lifetime, and in one life your brother can come back as your mother, then your best friend in the next one - then perhaps your neighbor you can’t stand. If you have someone in your life that you just can’t seem to get rid of, then there is a possibility that you have unfinished business that needs to be addressed, or there is a soul contract that you need to bring to an end because it’s no longer serving either one of you. This is common with divorce as marriage is an eternal contract. Perhaps your partner from your past lifetime comes around in your life again and this time it’s with an affair, but it’s not the right circumstances and the agreements need to be properly broken for you both to move on.

The fourth sign that you’re being affected by your past lifetime are panic attacks, yet only in certain situations and you really don’t have a logical explanation as to why this is happening. Every so often I see people who have anxiety, or get panic attacks that occur only in a specific location or a specific situation, yet at no other times. These differ from people who suffer from general anxiety issues, because the problem is only stopping them from doing that specific thing. This issue goes back to a trauma that was experienced in a past lifetime, doing that same thing, or being in that same place and with no memory of it, the trauma gets triggered when they are in a similar place or situation this lifetime and they have no idea why.

The fifth sign is you’ve experience significant lift trauma before you turned three years old. When it comes to karma, it is important to understand that reciprocated effects can continue life after life and need not only be felt in this lifetime. This can be hard for some people to really wrap their minds around because children are such innocent beings. This is exactly why the issue most likely goes back lifetimes, because by age three and sometimes even up to age seven, the child has not had enough time to accumulate present life karma. There can be issues passed down genetically that arise in this age bracket as well yet generally that is because the spirit of the person has chosen that genetic line to come into for it’s lesson through time. Significant events can still occur after this age of course, and into adulthood and still be linked back to a past life incident. If you think this may be the case, you can always receive a healing session or other energy session to allow your own spirit to reveal specific issues that affect you from previous lifetimes.

We all have had previous lives, we all still carry certain parts of them with us to this day and that’s not always a bad thing. People with spiritual abilities will often carry them from life to life as that is a part of our spirits, it never leaves us. People who were healers in previous lifetimes will often be healers of some sort in this lifetime - whether working in healthcare, in the medical field or so forth. The essence of who we are will always be with us, so when you’re having any of these signs happening to you, it’s time to look at what exactly is going on, and how to heal from it so you can move forward with your life.

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