Starseed: Siz misiniz?

Starseeds are very special spiritual beings that were sent here to Earth to help raise the vibration of not only the planet, but everyone on the planet as well. Some are aware that they are in fact Starseeds, while others lose track of it as children, and forget about it altogether. Those who have lost track of it often times feel that they are out of place, that they don't belong here, and that they are different. In this post today, I want to talk about some signs that all Starseeds report feeling and experiencing. If you find that these are applying to you, then you most likely indeed are a Starseed! How exciting..

Okay, so the first sign that I want to talk about today is knowing that you are not from here, that you don't belong. While you know that you were born here, you have a birth certificate, parents and everything, your soul and your intuition is telling you that you just aren't from here - you feel it. This is a strong indication of a Starseed.

The second sign I want to talk about is the feeling that the rules go against your beliefs. This can apply to laws, house rules, rules at work, rules of nature - anything really. You just feel that they don't apply to you. You have always felt this way, and it isn't something that anyone has told you to feel or believe. You have no reason to believe it, you just feel it in your bones.

Another sign that I want to talk about is the fact that you are or have had recurring dreams of aliens, other planets and UFOs. This is a common trait in most Starseeds because this is your soul family, from the star your spirit is from reaching out to you, visiting with you, showing you that they are still there. You don't always remember the details of these dreams because they seem foggy, but the fact is you know you have had them, and you know that they mean something.

The fourth sign that I want to talk to you about today is the fact that you are highly intuitive, this is something that you know for a fact. You are aware of your surroundings, you have vivid senses, and are very psychic. Starseeds are always intuitive, this is a trait in all of us. Not all of us use it to help people like I do, but you are aware that you have a high intuition, and you can't deny it.

The fifth sign that I want to talk to you about today is you have seen a UFO, believe in them, you know they are real, you believe in life out there and have a strong sense of connection to it. This is a big sign, because you can't be something you don't believe in, and the first step to knowing you are a Starseed is first believing there is life out there. Seeing UFOs is a major sign that you have ties with the Universe, Starseed or not, and they are definitely aware of you, that is for sure.

Altıncı işaret, doğal olarak teknoloji meraklısı, her zaman öyleydin. Bulmacalar, yazılımlar, oyunlar, bilgisayarlar gibi şeyleri çok kolay bir şekilde anlıyorsunuz - bu tür şeyler. Sadece diğer insanlardan farklı bir düşünce tarzına sahipsiniz ve normalde sizi hayatınızın bazı alanlarında öne çıkaran şey budur. Bu önemli bir işarettir ve yine Starseeds'teki ana özelliklerden biridir.

The seventh sign that I want to talk to you about today is the fact that you are very empathetic to other's and their emotions. You can't control it - you just know and feel what the people around you are feeling without them saying a word. This is a special spiritual gift, and all Starseeds have it. At times this leads to anxiety, stress, sleepless nights, addiction problems and withdrawal from society. Of course those are extreme side effects, and can be avoided, however being empathic is a heavy duty gift. Taking on other people's emotions as your own is only a gift the strongest of the strong can control, and it shows that you probably are a Starseed.

The eight sign that I want to talk to you about today is your body functions differently from other people's body does. You are very sensitive to being too hot or too cold. When you are too cold your body literally won't move, and I don't mean just shivering, you completely freeze up. When you are too hot, you get extremely sick very fast. Your senses are in high gear. Your sense of smell, intuition, hearing, feeling, sight - they are all extremely high. This is a great signification that you are indeed from the stars.

The ninth sign that I want to talk to you about today is the fact that you can only handle large groups of crowds for a specific amount of time, and usually not for very long. It gets to be too much for you. The anxiety and stress starts to build up, suddenly you feel everyone is either looking at you, talking about you, or doing both. You start to feel very uncomfortable, start to sweat, and before you know it you can't wait to get away. This is because you have a spiritual gift, you can feel the energies around you. You are probably a Starseed.

The last sign that I want to talk to you about today involves you being an old soul, and even from childhood or even birth, people have told you that you were oddly mature for your age. You never liked the immature or careless people. You like knowing the plan. It isn't like you don't have a great sense of humor, because you do, but you know when to be serious. You don't like being around goofy people for too long, or miserable people who sit and complain about everything. No, that is not you. That is all below you and you don't have time for that. You have moved way past that and are now thinking about the bigger things in life and beyond. This shows that you have an advanced spirit, and odds are you are a Starseed.

Gördüğünüz gibi, bir Yıldız Tohumu bu Dünyadan olmayan çok özel bir ruhtur. Çevremizdeler ve dünyayı daha iyi bir yer haline getirmek için buradalar. Aydınlanma yeri. Daha yüksek, tamamen pozitif enerjiye sahip bir yer. Yıldız tohumları çok uzaklardan olduğu için hepimizin uyanabileceği bir yer. Bu yüzden buradalar ve bu işaretler sizin için geçerliyse, büyük olasılıkla siz birsiniz ve bu çok özel bir şey.

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